What's that cool little taco truck your friends were talking about?
You know, the gourmet taco truck?


Chayo taqueria.
Chayo taco for you gringos.


Street tacos with flair

Turns out that Chayo is Omaha's newest taco truck, where they build tacos from local, high quality, ingredients for you and your friends. Clean, modern and social. Fresh made-to-order tortillas wrapped around savory seared meats, seasonal salsas and cool cremas.

  • Fresh tortillas from a truck?

    We made your flour tortillas this morning. We promise. Then we finished them on the grill in our little truck right before covering them in fresh ingredients.
  • Smoky & Seared Meats

    Slowly marinated beef quickly seared to a pink perfection. Rich pork shoulder smoked overnight with real mesquite wood. Roasted chicken lightly kissed with apple smoke. It's ok to drool.
  • Seasonal Salsas

    We celebrate each season by hand-crafting small batches of artisanal salsas using fresh produce, select blended chiles and tangy flame roasted tomatoes. You'll never be bored.
  • House Made Cheeses

    Our cheese is always white. Google why. The queso fresco comes out of the aging room on Tuesdays and Fridays. The queso anejo has been aging for 90 days. You can thank us later.

Go Ahead, Take a Bite

Our tacos have an opinion: bold, vibrant, rustic and seasonal opinions. We take classic street tacos and enrich them through every trick in our signature cookbook. Our custom kitchen - La Cocinita - is the home of our early mornings and late nights, our adventurous mindset, and our love of food. Tell us what you think, then tell your friends